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The next Puppy Course starts on Thursday [email protected] and the post puppy course on Monday 28.06.2021 @7.30pm bookings now being taken for the next courses.

A new venue in Wallasey has been acquired for Fridays. Please contact us to register your interest.

[email protected]

Adult Training

Mondays at 7.30pm & Thursdays 8pm £10 per dog. As a Kennel Club Registered Club we work through the Good Citizens Dog Scheme Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards

Here at TLC DOG SCHOOL you can be reasured that your puppy will get the very best start to his/her training. We pride ourselves on only using kind and fair methods to train you to train your puppy, so that you will bet the best out of your four legged friend.

About us

TLC Dog School has a vast knowledge of the dog world, including obedience, working, protection, showing dogs, and gundog training. We can advise on many dog activities, but for every one that you are interested in basic obedience as a starting point is essential.

Regardless of acheivements and qualifications of which we have numerous we have more importantly learnt through many years of attending courses, reading, training at various clubs and our own personal experiences with our dogs. With this wealth of knowledge and experience we can offer you................



Jennie Tracz is the Principal Trainer at TLC DOG SCHOOL. She is a dog walker by day and then of an evening, she trains, instruct, and does home visits. Jennie has been an Instructor and Dog Trainer for over 15 years now, and she does love it, from watching a puppy come through the puppy class and go onto achieve their Gold GCDS Award.

Jennie believes a good Trainer should be able to find a solution to fit each puppy/dog and not just by one method. This can only come by experience and personal time and effort. Please feel free to ask me about my qualifications and experience.


Jennie is very proud of the fact that she is a member of the APDT, an affiliate to the BIPDT and also the ADTB. Jennie is always striving to gain more information, experience and training to pass on in the training classes.

As you can see by Jennie's dogs she is a gundog fan, and does enjoy some basic gundog work with them, along with some obedience, and some fun agility, and not forgetting the odd trick for fun too.

Through her participitation of various dog activities Jennie is part of a vast network of other dog loving professionals, with their wealth of knowledge, experience and of course their shared genuine love of dogs.


As part of the TLC Pet Services business Jennie walks dogs for those that can't be it work commitments or mobility issues and everything ranging in between. She has a good customer base and is generally fully booked but now and then she may have a space to fill. Contact her for more info.

Jennie will also provide any additional assistance in the care of your pets whatever they may be. She can provide a home from home for pets if the family is away and can also help in the home. Due to a good reputation her home boarding services are booked up well in adavnce but contact her for any info. She also looks after cats


In addition handling dogs Pete is also a judge. Not just a show judge but qualfied to judge The Kennel Club's Good Citizen scheme all the way to Gold level. Pete assists Jennie in many aspects of TLC Pet Services and specialises in the larger more energetic dogs. He is a strong advocate of education in the community providing a positive solution to troublesome doggie situations. He has a lot of exeprience through breeding in dealing with the first stages of a dogs life like toilet training and overly boistrous puppies.

He is working towards a number of accredited dog training societies and is now a member of the Kennel Club's Accredited Instructor scheme. Something that recognises his level of experience, expertise and knowledge.


Jennie and Pete met many years ago training our dogs. Jennie persued a career in setting up TLC pet services. Pete was in the Police and became a Dog Handler becoming the first and only handler of a Police Beauceron in this country. Originally like Jennie Pete had Gundogs. He has trained, bred and competed for many years starting with working Labradors. He stayed with Gundogs moving onto Italian Spinone and more recently Manchester Terriers. Always qualifying and showing at Crufts each year. Now his main breed is the Beauceron after falling in love with the very rare breed in work in the shape of the very handsome Bowser.



When contacting, please leave your name, breed and age of your puppy/dog and contact details for us to return your enquiry. Or just call or text on.

  • 07833 663738

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